Documenting your path.

Documenting your path.

Why it matters and ways to document the day, week, month, yearly

Getting insights

Let's get straight to the point. Blogging, note-taking, and great daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly summaries are outstanding ways to look back at your past, make sense of it and get insights from those moments.

Digital or Physical?

There are digital ways such as writing a blog online, or physical ones with pencil and paper, both have advantages.

Digitally You are recording and sharing more openly, it is easier to monetize or get an advantage by the exposure of your work.

Physically is more intimate and sometimes allows better creativity and expressing yourself in a different form.


I have created personal blogs, business and personal newsletters, and this blog, outside of this space I like to write in physical notebooks.

Document your dev path

On the code side, It is important to do it, it is your reference for your future self, employers, and clients. It is a way to showcase your achievements across time.

Systems for writing

About the system itself to write?

It is a matter of experiments with your setup.

I like to run wild experiment and in the traditional document path write down byte sized forms of summaries, dates, times, persons, achievements, findings, etc.

Which system do you use in your day to day?

Have a great week.